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Why GHP Apply4U Works?

We are Tallahassee leading job application service that helps job seekers find jobs by marketing them to 100’s of employers. We do this by “DIRECTLY” applying to the companies that would hire candidates with your background. We send a custom cover letter and resume and send it to 1000+ companies from your own email address (new joint email account) within 4-5 days. Applying for jobs can be a tedious process and very overwhelming, we are here to help!

Job Interview


  1. Register by paying your $99.00 fee and send us your cover letter and resume. 

  2. We will recommend changes to your resume in order to focus them on the industry you are applying to.

  3. We create a joint email account and start sending your resumes. Each resume is sent with a custom cover letter as if you applied directly yourself

  4. Once the application process is complete, you can follow up with 100’s of potential employers in your field.





Email Resume:



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When is the best time to apply?

NOW: We get this question all the time. The answer is NOW NOW NOW. Every day, hundreds of positions open and close. Candidates keep waiting for an assumed “ideal time” but do not realize that everyone is thinking that way.  The best time is to apply right away so you can be considered for positions that may be open now. Remember, we offer a guarantee that if you do not get an offer that you accept we will redo the whole process again for FREE in 4 months. So do not wait, start right away. For new graduates and summer students the best time to apply is 3-4 months before they want to work. Applying after your exams is not recommended as many companies have already finished hiring summer interns during that period. Starting early helps lock a position early, especially as you won’t be competing with other candidates who will apply at the “ideal time.”

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