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Gifted Hands Phlebotmy, LLC.

Dedicated to Providing the Best Mobile Phlebotomy Services.

Providing You with Mobile Phlebotomy Services.

A blood draw may only take about 10 minutes to complete but actually getting to the lab and waiting to be serviced can be a hassle.  At Gifted Hands PHLEBOTOMY, we bring our laboratory services to your door to collect specimens easily and effectively.


Our mobile services were designed with homebound, disabled, and limited mobility patients in mind. However, many people with busy schedules have also enjoyed the convenience of our on-location services. For further convenience, we offer contract options to insurance companies, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.


Gifted Hands Phlebotomy, LLC services the following:

  • Mobile blood draws

  • Assisted living facilities

  • Independent living facilities

  •  Post-Op/Homebound Patients

  •  Donor Blood draws

  •  Insurance Examinations

  •  Paramedical Examinations

  •  High Anxiety patients

  •  Routine blood draws

  • Specialty testing kits

  •  Children/Geriatrics

  • Find the right solutions to your patient’s lab draw needs with services from Gifted Hands Phlebotomy. Based in Tallahassee, FL. We specialize in providing you with a unique approach to mobile phlebotomy by drawing the specimen in the convenience of the patients' facility. Our team of experts helps eliminate the hassle of getting to the lab and provide fast turnaround times for lab tests  See more >>

Better Care Starts with You!


“The Phlebotomist are very talented, they collect my father's blood on the first stick every time!”


Audrey Sellers


“I hate taking time off from work, to take my mother to the lab, this company comes to us for a small fee, saves time and energy for my mom


Arthur Milton

“I live in Gadsden County and have to pay someone to take me to the lab, Gifted Hands come to my house monthly to draw my PT, I couldn't be happier.”


Betty Taylor



Experienced phlebotomist comes to your address to collect a blood sample, safe and efficient and transport to Labcorp, Quest or TPCA based off your insurance.
Home Blood Collection - Florida/ GA
35 min
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